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About Atlas Dispatching

Atlas Dispatching Services specializes in providing independent truck dispatch service, operated by a group of skilled dispatchers, to assist those in need of high paying loads, especially O/O and Small fleet owners to Maximize their revenues. We are committed to providing our customers with quality services and working closely with you to develop the best dispatching plan for your Trucks. We also provide dedicated dispatchers for best dispatching experience.

Why choose us

Atlas Dispatching is a trustworthy and accurate Truck dispatch service provider. Meeting the needs of the customers and providing the best solution is our priority and we work in such a way that it will surely bring the best growth results for your business. We provide a friendly environment for your drivers and customers over the phone and a top-notch customer service platform to enhance your business. We promise to deliver quality services to you and your customers and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of working with us

Atlas Dispatching offers the best dispatch service to help your business grow the way you want. We offer dispatchers the ability to answer calls, dispatch trips and monitor their fleet of drivers with fewer errors. You won’t be able to see them through windows or cameras while they do all these things professionally, but you will have a record of every call they take and their schedules for quality assurance. This is done through proprietary software that keeps you informed in real-time about the operation, the calls and much more.

Our Truck Dispatchers Specialize


If you are looking for a truck dispatcher to manage your dry van freight, you’ve found the right truck dispatching company that can help you achieve a peace of mind through professional truck dispatching services. Reach out today.


If you are looking for a flatbed truck dispatcher to manage your flatbed or conestoga freight, Atlas Dispatching Service has you covered. We offer professional truck dispatch services for serious truckers. Reach out to our freight dispatchers.


If you are looking for a reefer truck dispatcher to manage your reefer freight, our truck dispatchers at Truck Dispatch 360 can help you achieve your goals. Reach out today to speak to one of our expert truck dispatchers.

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30 N Gould St Ste R Unit 4A
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