Atlas Dispatching specializes in providing support to trucking companies to find the best cost of transport. Our truck dispatchers will assist and guide you in the easiest way possible, which is best for you and your drivers. Our truck dispatchers will mediate at the highest rates and work with you to provide you with load options. Atlas Dispatching has experienced truck dispatchers who will bring you together directly with Shippers, haulers and brokers. You can easily work with the best haulers, brokers and shippers who will pay you directly. You won’t leave your truck standing for a day because our truck dispatchers will keep you on the job. Our truck dispatchers will look at multiple load boards and catch you the best load with maximum rate per mile. our dispatcher will work closely with you and your driver to offer your praffered lane.

Dry Van

Dry vans ensure great help to clients across the US by keeping the client’s goods entirely safe during their journey.  To oblige your clients to the best, there is a dire need for a user-friendly and honest dry van dispatch service. do not look further but count on Atlas  Dispatching as we have maintained strong relationships with drivers.

Step Deck

Undoubtedly, moving oversized and overweight cargo is a herculean task, we better understand the logistics and the required industry standards to keep your business running smoothly. We can help you research and evaluate potential loads, negotiate prices and rates, and produce and complete all documentation required by industry regulations and practices.


You and your reefer truck are already providing an excellent service to your customers. But, to continue offering this level of service, you need a dispatcher you can No doubt, you are offering an excellent service to your valued clients along with your reefer truck. However, a trusted and reliable dispatcher is always needed to maintain the same level of service. The dispatcher must be responsible, and expert and should have a positive attitude towards your business to keep it running meaningfully.



Being a heavy-duty vehicle, the flatbed truck is significantly contributing to the national economy as compared to other vehicles. We feel the pride to assist our valued clients and ensure to provide them with up-to-the-mark dispatch services that are fair enough to oblige your end-user clients.


Power Only

We provide owners and truck fleets with power-only dispatch services. The team at Atlas Dispatching is committed to providing independent owners and truck fleets with power-only loads as well whenever you need to transport equipment on a flatbed truck, dry van, refrigerated truck, shipping container or tank trailer. We ensure to get our client the best possible power-only transportation solution for any transportation purpose.


The general public is unaware of the challenges that we encounter to deliver the materials and goods to them. The team at Atlas Dispatching knows the driver’s importance in the trucking industry that getting the cargo to its destination on time. We are confident to offer exceptional Hotshot dispatch services to get you the desired and expected results.


Box Truck

We offer reliable Boxtruck delivery service to businesses in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, landscaping, construction, steel, agriculture and HVAC. You can rely on our dedicated staff to provide you with the best transportation solutions for your business.


Straight Truck

Atlas Dispatching understands the need of logistic operations across the United States and offers its up-to-the-mark straight truck dispatch services.

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